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Extra Curricular Activities at Camp

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Fun daily activities to add to your camp experience

Having coached camps for over 30 years it is important for the kids to have fun at camp and not just be drilled by Sergeant majors. Each day we have an extra curricular activity for the kids to partake in if they so wish

Monday - Joke Day
Tuesday - Talent day
Wednesday - Best Uniform Day
Thursday - Best Hat Day
Friday - Family Day and water gun fight to finish

Monday -

To break the ice and get kids to make new friends everyone gets the chance to tell the camp their favorite Joke.

Tuesday -

Campers are encouraged to perform their best talent in front of all their new camp friends and coaches

Wednesday -

Come dressed in your favorite sports teams Uniform, doesn't matter the sport or team

Thursday -

Wear your favorite hat or even better make one to show off to all the staff and campers

Friday -

Parents come and watch their children play and then take the field to play against them in our Kids vs Parents games.

The camp ends with the kids getting to soak their coaches and friends in our Water Gun Fight

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